Southside Ladies Rules

  1. All matches must commence by 9.15am.
  2. It is the responsibility of all team members to ensure 3 players are available for each match. If a team does not have 2 players on court ready to play by 9.30am that team forfeits the 1st set. If 2 players are not ready to play by 9.45am the 2nd set is forfeited and if 2 players are not on court by 10am, the match is forfeited and forfeiting costs apply - any forfeiting teams are responsible for the full cost of both teams.
  3. Players will change ends on the odd game.
  4. A match is deemed complete at the conclusion of the 5th set. (Semi-finals, finals and best of the rest - all sets must be completed) OR if a team is in an unbeatable position when play is suspended due to rain.
  5. Team members may borrow a player from their own division or a division lower.
  6. Any player who has physically played all matches for a team.
  7. The winning team will be the team with the most games or in the event of games being even, the one with the most sets. If a semi-final or final match results in games and sets being even the last four players remain on court to play a deciding 12 point tie breaker.
  8. Wet matches - 6 points for an unplayed match and bye.
  9. Should rain interrupt play during a match, teams must wait 30 minutes and then check with the court owner to determine whether play can be resumed.

Points to be awarded as follows: