The Following by – laws are the by – laws of the Tennis Centre Owners Association Inc. which trades under the registered Queensland business name of TENNIS BRISBANE. In these by-laws, the Tennis Centre Owners Association Inc. trading as Tennis Brisbane is referred to as “the Association”.

Registered Office


The registered office of the Association is 751 Beams Road, Carseldine Q 4034.


Petty Cash

Rule 24.11: The amount of petty cash to be kept by the Chief Executive Officer is one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Financial Authority

Rule 24.12 and 24.13: The financial authority limit of the Chief Executive Officer, for the purposes of rules 24.12 and 24.13 of the Association constitution is one thousand dollars ($1,000.00).


           Ordinary membership nomination/joining fee                                              $1100

           Ordinary membership annual subscription                                                   $330


           Player membership:

           Nomination fee                                                       as advised by the Executive Committee

           Annual subscription fee                                           as advised by the Executive Committee

Should a member join the Association part way through the subscription period a pro-rata subscription shall be payable calculated on a half yearly basis.

The ordinary members shall act as collection agents for the fees payable by the players members. Players members shall pay a weekly amount in respect of their fixture tennis matches.


           Correspondence shall be addressed to the Secretary of the Association and be posted to;

           PO BOX 35 Kedron Q 4031

           Correspondence may also be delivered personally to any member of the Executive Committee.

The Association does not take responsibility for the loss of any correspondence that is not delivered in accordance with this by-law.

Players’ Classification


Categories for determining standards of play will be as follows;

eighteen (18) years and under; and
Adult or open.

Any club may enter any number of teams in any categories consisting of any combination of male/female.
Any player may nominate in a higher category, but having commenced to compete in that category is then not eligible to compete in a lower category from the date of such commencement during that relevant season.
Once a player has competed in a higher category on a substitution basis more than three times in the one season, that player is then deemed to be belong to the higher category for the reminder of that season.
Only registered players are permitted to take part at any time whereby an introduction fee set by the Executive Committee has been paid prior to commencement of participation.
Each player will acknowledge allegiance to the respective club with which he/she has registered and will be attired for each and every match in the designated suppliers apparel which has been aligned with the respective club. Players will adhere to the dress codes which may be subject to change each year depending upon suppliers releases and promotions. Players will not be permitted to compete in any other form of attire other than that allocated by the Association.
Players will also honour the exposure of sponsors logos in a manner as prescribed by the Association.
Players will be required to sign an acceptance/registration form simultaneous with registration payment acknowledging all conditions of participation.
After the initial season a grading system will be introduced whereby all players will be assessed by a grading criteria relevant to the objectives of the Association. 


Conditions of Participating Centres

All tennis centres designated matches by the Association must provide the following facillites and services:

changing areas, showers and toilets for male and female players;
supervision of play at all times for the duration of matches as designated by the Association;
provision of three new balls for each and every fixture in accordance with appointed supplier as designated by the Executive Committee
adequate tennis court lighting, which is to be turned on for at suitable times before, during and after matches and adequate security lighting;
adequate, free, off street parking and approved in accordance with Local Authority requirements;
provide space for advertising hoarding to be displayed in areas of optimum exposure;
assist in efficient recording of match results to be published as soon as practical after a match;
amiable relations with supplier sponsor responsible for team attire;
use of sponsors products as determined by the Executive Committee of the Association;
local promotion of the Super League concept;
continue membership of the Association;
bond (to be determined) for forfeits;
minimum Public Liability Insurance cover for $5 million; and
location of the tennis centre must be within a reasonable distance to existing tennis centres (the representatives of which is an existing ordinary member of the Association) and the location of the new tennis centre must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Association, in its sole and absolute discretion, as being in reasonable proximity to existing tennis centres which hold matches organized by the Association (the aim of this condition is to prevent the requirement for any player to travel an unreasonable distance to a designated match with a view to not deterring any potential player from playing in matched organized by the Association).

7.2    Any relaxation of these conditions can only be approved by the Executive Committee of the Association, at its sole and absolute discretion.