Junior Development Series

The Junior Development Series is a group of tournaments for beginners to intermediate players. If you are playing regular fixture tennis - the Junior Development Series is for you. The JDS sits under the Junior Tour in the competition pathway and is designed to give players their first experience in playing a series of tournaments throughout the year.

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$45 for singles and doubles (for all yellow ball events), $40 for singles, and doubles (for all coloured ball events).

Click here to view the points race to go to Rockhampton for the State Finals. 

Age restriction for MJDS Tournaments in the Metropolitan Region

Age at the end of the month of the tournament that they are playing in (e.g. 1 – If a player turns 12 on the 23rd March and the tournament finishes on the 1st March – they must play in the 13U age group)

MJDS Finals (Rockhampton) selection – Metropolitan region

The players chosen will be the top 2 in the relevant age groups.

There is no minimum number of tournaments to play. 

‘Bolt to Brisbane’ coloured ball challenge 

As part of the 2021 JDS circuit series, players participating in the orange green ball events within the series will have the opportunity to represent the Brisbane in the Southeast Queensland Orange and Green Ball Challenge. To be elegible to play in this event you must have played a minimum of 2 Orange/Green Ball events within the current Brisbane circuit and reside within the region.