Playing Programs

Tennis Brisbane has organized team fixture competitions for players of all standards and ages at a time that suits your busy lifestyle and hectic schedule. Fixture competitions are held at a Tennis Brisbane centre close to you in the evenings during the week as well as on weekends. You can enter your own team of friends or a Tennis Brisbane centre will place you in a team with players of your age and standard. There are two competitions held each year, one in the first half of the year and the other competition in the second half of the year. If you are looking for a FUN time with a group of great people contact a Tennis Brisbane center near you and commence playing immediately.

All players competing in the Tennis Brisbane competitions are registered with Tennis Queensland and receive a members benefit package including accident insurance.

All tennis Brisbane competitions are gender neutral so whether you are male or female you are guaranteed to play against players of your own standard. Players competing in the weekday evening competitions will commence at 7.30pm and will be finished by 10.30pm. No more very late nights and that washed out feeling the next day. Saturday afternoon competitions commence at 2pm and conclude at 5.30pm. 

Tennis Brisbane are famous for their excellent trophies and prizes that can be won in all of their competitions.

Don't delay, act now! Call A Tennis Brisbane centre near you today.

SuperGrade League is our strongest compeition and is run across Brisbane.

  • Saturday 1.30pm - 5.30pm
  • 2 Player Teams
  • Each Player plays 2 sets of Singles and 2 Sets of Doubles

Super League is our most popular and longest running program. Super League is split into North and South of the river and run everyday of the week (except Sunday).

Times vary from Saturday afternoon comps (2pm - 5.30pm) to Evening competitions starting at 7.30pm most nights.

Most are 2 player teams with a continuous play format to allow people to play their tennis and get home at a resonable hour.

Players will play mostly 1 set of singles and 1 set of doubles.

Ladies League is run only on the southside of Brisbane on a Wednesday morning.

Ladies play 4 sets of doubles each round and start at 9.15am.

Ladies League has a number of different standards so call your local centre if you are interested in giving tennis a go.

Junior League is the best way to get the kids started with a regular tennis fixture program

Held on a saturday from 2 pm -5.30pm and Sunday Evening (on the north side) it is a great atmosphere for junio’s of all standards.

2 Player teams - 1 singles match and 2 doubles matches

Why not call a centre near you and get a group of mates together and get started today?

Saturday Super Grade Metro $24
Saturday Northside 2 Player $24
Saturday Northside Junior League $24
Tuesday Northside $24
Wednesday Northside $24
Thursday Northside $24
Saturday Southside (incl JL) $24
Tuesday Southside $24
Wednesday Southside $24
Wednesday Ladies $20