Semi-finals and finals

  1. Position of Teams at End of Home and Away Rounds

    The position of teams in each division at the end of home and away rounds shall be determined on points awarded during the rounds.

  2. Semi-Finals Format

    Semi-Final matches shall be knockout in format. No right of challenge shall be available to losing teams. Teams in the following positions shall play off in semi-final matches:

    Team No. 1 v Team No. 4
    Team No. 2 v Team No. 3

  3. Finals Format

    The semi-final winners shall play off in the final. The team which wins the final shall be declared premiers of that division. No right of challenge shall be available to the losing team.

  4. Eligibility of Teams for Semi-Finals and Finals

    Each team shall be responsible for ascertaining the following from their Tennis Centre/Club during the week prior to the scheduled date of the semi-final or final:

    whether it is eligible for the event, and
    the location, time and any other information relating to the match.

  5. Court Draw

    Semi-final and final matches may be drawn on any surface or court within the precincts of the Brisbane Northside or Southside Metropolitan area.

  6. Match Decisions - Semi-Finals and Finals

    In Semi-finals and finals, a match shall be decided on SETS, or if sets are equal, on games. If games and sets are equal then a tie break will be played between the last players on court to decide the match.

    Semi-finals and finals must be completed at the scheduled finishing time for evening programs. For day programs, matches must be played where one team is in an unbeatable position. Matches must cease play 1 hour after the finishing time. At which point the team leading will be awarded the tie.

    Where a semi-final or final cannot be completed due to wet weather or any other circumstances beyond the control of the teams involved, the following provisions shall apply:

    Where less than three sets have been completed, the entire match shall be replayed at a time and place determined by the committee.

    Where three or more sets have been completed, a result is achieved in any evening program. Saturday programs are to be replayed unless a result is achieved where a team cannot be beaten. (iii) If finals cannot be played on the dates published on the draw schedule due to rain, trophies are presented according to highest overall points.

  7. Postponements of Semi-Finals and Finals

    Postponements for semi-finals or finals shall not be allowed. (unless deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee).

  8. Eligibility of Players for Semi-Finals and Finals

    Except as provided for in Rule 38, only registered financial players of the team are eligible to play in semi-finals and finals. Each player competing in semi-finals and finals must also have physically played in at least four matches with the team during the season, except in the case of the highest section where it shall be necessary for players to have physically played in at least five matches with the team during the season. For the purpose of this rule, “physically played” shall mean completion of at least one set in a match, or names listed on result sheet and sent to points keeper prior to the following week’s match.

    Upon written request from a team at least five days prior to the scheduled date of the semi-final, the Committee may vary this rule under exceptional circumstances.

  9. Substitutions of Players for Semi-Finals and Finals

    Where a team cannot field sufficient players for a semi-final or final as defined under Rule 9, the following provisions shall apply:

    Except in the case of the lowest division, teams may substitute registered players (who have played 4 matches) from the division below or lower with the prior approval of the Grading Committee.

    Approval for all such substitutions should be sought from the Executive Committee/Officer at least two days prior to the scheduled date of the match and shall be subject to the Grading Committee’s judgment that the substitute player(s) will not significantly improve the standard of the original team.

  10. Forfeit

    Should a forfeit occur due to non-attendance which is not the fault of the management of the Tennis Centre, then that team will be responsible for the payment of the TOTAL court hire charge for that match. If a team forfeits, both centre owners must be advised prior to commencement of play. Three (3) forfeits by any one team during the season is to show cause. In the case of a team forfeiting prior to semi final or final being cancelled due to rain, power failure or other reasons unknown, the forfeit will still stand. For normal round matches - Refer rule 15b General Rules.